Free your natural voice

Every person is born with his or her own voice, sound and musical expression!
It is the utmost responsibility and duty of a singing teacher to develop and train this unique, personal vocal fingerprint, so that the voice will have a free and relaxed flow.
Based on my long experience on the international scene, I have developed a system, which allows this.

Like a painter, a singer should paint a musical portrait with all the necessary colours and shades, and this requires a strong vocal technique.
A voice should be as flexible as a piece of rubber, and it should feel nice, relaxed and. above all, fun to sing.
Once the voice is trained properly, it will become flexible and able to produce the most incredible musical expressions and colours.

I started teaching as I often experienced that my colleagues on the great theatres came to me and asked for advice and training. They have often asked me how I could sing so effortlessly through even the greatest, longest and hardest operas, such as Brünnhilde in Wagner's Ring or Strauss' Elektra.

I am only able to do this because I train my voice with my system every day, before I venture into the great parts!

Singers are like elite athletes:
A runner is doing a lot of training before running a marathon - as singers, we have to do this as well!
But with the right method!